why we do what we do

We’ve had the joy and honour to be wedding photographers for a few years now, and like any creative endeavour, it’s a journey that intertwines both our business and passion, with our own lives and personalities. We really try to care not just about what we do, but how and why we do it. These values are in our bones, a part of who we are, and are present every time we pick up a camera….

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Honest & Authentic

We believe in telling the truth and creating pictures that reflect the beautiful, fun and sometimes messy aspects of real life. Come rain, wind or sunshine, we think every interaction with people you care about is worth remembering. We're not focused on details, or making things look perfect, but adore capturing the feelings of wind in your hair and mud on your shoes.

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Personal Storytelling

We're endlessly fascinated by the stories behind the people we have the opportunity to meet. We'd love to hang out, hear about where you've come from, where you're going...and why you love the people you do. Honestly, it’s not just us being nosey; we genuinely care about getting to know you, and creating images & film that are made for just for you and your personalities.

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Sentimental & Intimate

We believe in hugging and squeezing like you mean it, crying if you want to and laughing from your belly, just because you can. We pride ourselves on getting close to genuine moments without being obtrusive, and being present without taking over. We promise to never take our couples away from experiencing a beautiful moment with friends and family.

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Green & Eco Conscious

We love nothing more than walking and wandering through the great outdoors and believe it's our responsibility to enjoy and protect the world around us. We run our little business as sustainably and eco-friendly as possible, using 100% recycled wood, paper and materials in our prints and packaging, along with offsetting all of our carbon from travel and heating our home office each year.

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Introvert Friendly

Maybe you feel nervous about being in front of the camera, or just don't like the idea of being the centre of attention. That's totally ok, we feel that too. Being somewhat quiet introverts ourselves, we promise to never ask anything of our couples that we wouldn't do ourselves. Working with us, you'll never have to do anything posed, cliched or cheesy.

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Real Is Beautiful

As photographers, naturally we know our way around Photoshop. But just because we can fix stuff, doesn’t mean we should. The world desperately needs more body positivity, more chances to show how beautiful real life and real people can be. We wouldn’t dream of photoshopping our parents wedding photos, so we won’t ever use it on yours.

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