A beautiful July evening in the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. The air is warm, and filled with the sounds of traffic mixed with what I think is flamenco guitar. I meet up with Laura and Andrew, at a tiny table on the street, outside a noisy but welcoming bar. We’ve emailed and Skyped countless times over the last 18 months, but today is the first time we meet. With just 48 hours to go until their wedding at Sant Pere de Clara, nestled in the lush, green hills 45mins outside Barcelona. We chat. We hug. We talk about weddings and photography, and the trip here and work. We catch up. We feel like we already know each other. After finishing our cool crisp beer, orange juice and iced coffee we go for a walk.

We explore the bustling streets and hidden alleyways of Barcelona’s gothic quarter. No agenda, no map. Just a gut feeling and a goal to avoid as many groups of tourists as possible. Laura and Andrew clearly love each other, holding hands, smiling as we walk.

We get lost. I take pictures. We spend time together until the sun goes down…

Barcelona City Engagement




I see in few pics the couple are placed at the bottom of the frame where they are still pretty much in focus and sharp. Is the image been cropped, or the photo was captured such a way that all in the pic are in focus. Can this be achieved only through f stops somewhere around f 11 or f 13 or even greater, or is there any other settings to be used so large area stays in focus. ( This is also when we are capturing group pics). Please suggest.


Hi Chris, This is an absolutely Amazing set. I would love to see some more of your work from spain this summer. Is there any chance i can see the full gallery?

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