Almost by accident, I seem to have themed my first few fashion portraiture sessions around the changing of the seasons. I’ve been trying to organise an autumnal shoot for weeks and weeks, but due to timings or weather, it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen.  So this weekend, the last week of November, with the last remnants of orange leaving the trees, I was finnaly able to organise a very last minute shoot with the lovely Iris. The location may have been familiar, but the colours, style and approach to the shoot was entirely different. Oh, and it was a lot, lot colder! Brrr!

For this first part of the afternoon we explored and shot some relaxed, fun fashion portraiture. Towards the end of the shoot, after a change of wardrobe, we tried something a little edgier and different. For both parts of the shoot, I am really pleased with the results, especially considering the amount of notice and planning involved. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Iris was a real star and worked so hard, despite the cold and frequent interruptions from dog walkers on a Sunday stroll.

Here are some of my favourites from the first part of our shoot, look out for Part Two of this portrait session coming soon.

Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_001Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_002Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_003Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_004Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_005Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_006Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_007Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_009Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_010Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_011Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_012Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_015Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_014Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_013Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_016Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_017Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_018Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_019Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_020Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_021Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_022Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_023Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_024Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_025Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_026Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_027Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_028Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_029Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_030Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_031Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_032Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_033Winter Portrait_Scuffins_Photography_034


Great use of gear, perfect post procesing, cute model.

the location is surreal.

I have to say, the B&W pauses in between the photos on this website layout make it even a better album.


Adrian Orozco: Photographer


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