Just outside the small seaside town of Sestri Levante, on the southern tip of the Italian Rivera, lies a beautiful white marble church, nestled into the hills, surrounded by some of the largest lemon groves in all of Europe. The weather is warm, but dark blue clouds overhead and a light coastal breeze in air promising the hint of rain. Not that anyone would notice of course, as over hundred of Alice and Paolo’s closest friends and family gather outside the church in expectation and excitement for their wedding ceremony. Alice is on her way from the nearby town, where she’s been getting ready with family and closest friends, pure excitement and joy on her face. She can’t wait to see her Paolo and enjoy the celebrations, music and all the hugs to come. And there are hugs, so many hard squishy hugs, we don’t think we’e ever known two people to be so completely surrounded by loved ones who share their joy and happiness. Not even when the skies open up and it rains and rains and rains, does the atmosphere fade. Until the very end, when we leave at 3am, everyone is still smiling, and we can’t help but be smiling too. Thank you so much for letting us be there and share that awesome rainy day in Italy with you.

Sestri Levante Italy Wedding Photography


Sestri Levante Italy Destination Wedding Photography

Venue – Villa Durazzo L’Esedra di Santo Stefano
Hair & Make-up – Tiziana Filardo
Dress  – Atelier Yooj
FlowersClori Milano
Band/Entertainment – Dj Zimeo