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Emotional, Natural & Adventurous Storytelling Wedding Photography

Hello there! We’re Chloe and Helen Scuffins, a photography duo from the green Cotswolds countryside; specialising in emotive and non-traditional storytelling. We love nothing more than exploring the U.K and beyond, meeting new people and telling heartfelt stories in an honest and intimate way. We reckon we’re a great fit for couples who hug hard and love exploring the great outdoors. We love to create wedding photography that’s soft, organic and earthy; using lovely natural light and beautiful outdoor locations, while making sure everything we do is always authentic and just a little bit adventurous…

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Honest, Heartfelt Wedding Photography From The Cotswolds

Your wedding day is a huge deal. Not so much in a “look how pretty those flowers are” kind of way. More of a “we’re so happy right now, we want to remember this for a long, long time” kind of way…of course, there’s so much care that goes into planning the look and style of your wedding, and we do want to record those things…but we feel like it’s your people; your partner, family and friends who really matter here.
We’ve worked for years to create an approach to storytelling that allows you to relive a heartfelt and honest story that reminds you what it feels like to laugh, to cry, to hold someone tight. Our aim is to create images that deeply mean something to you, decades after today’s wedding fads and Pinterest trends disappear. So, wherever you are in the world, if our work speaks to you, please come say hello!